Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chapter Three: Life in the Shadows

A shadowy figure creeped through the shadows of Lacunosa town. Nearby, a group of UA troopers stood listening to thier leader, an Abomasnow named Mortecai, rattle off thier plan to attack the Oblivion encampment on Villiage Bridge. The figure listened intently, taking in Mortecai's every word. Finally, Mortecai walked away from his cheering followers,

And right into a carefully prepared trap...

No sooner was Mortecai out of sight then a black claw tore across his neck. Reeling, Mortecai looked up and saw the face of his assailant. He was a Zoroark with red bandolier, indicating that he was one of Oblivion's soldiers. However, there was something different about him. his expression told of anguish and sorrow, as if the killing hurt him. The last words Mortecai heard befor blacking out were "I'm sorry," whispered by his attacker.

His name was Louis.

Louis stood over Mortecai's corpse for a moment, deep in thought. "Why did the war have to go on like this?" he wondered, "Why are we forced to kill each other like this?" "Are we really any better than the humans we overthrew?" His contemplation was interrupted by the sudden appearance of his teammate, Raymond the Emolga, who promptly descended from his perch and landed at Raymond's feet.

"Now that he's gone, this division of the rebels is hosed." Raymond said, pulling out a pair of sunglasses and slipping them on, "No more yeti sightings here."

Louis continued to stare down at Mortecai's body. Unlike Raymond, he struggled with the idea of killing other pokemon, even if they did sympathize with those accursed humans. Louis slowly turned around, taking one last look at the death he had brought, and leaped onto the rooftop.

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