Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chapter Four: Remembrance

Castle Oblivion loomed over Unova, a warning to all who would dare to stand against the empire's might. Once the fortress for a group of humans who called themselves Team Plasma, it had been seized early on in Vladislav's conquests, acting as the base of operations ever since. The castle was nigh-invincible, fortefied with immensely thick walls and guarded by thousands of powerful pokemon ready to lay down their lives for the empire.

Louis and Raymond passed through numerous checkpoints on their way into the castle. Being built atop a mountain, the checkpoints were the only way to get to the castle, adding yet another strategic advantage. After being identified a total of nine times, the doors of the fortress swung open and the two operatives were allowed entry. With unusual agility, Louis ascended the interior walls and climbed into a hidden chamber. His own fortress of solitude, the chamber once belonged to another Zoroark, so it accomodated Louis perfectly. He stepped in, his eyes falling upon a familiar silhouette.

"Another success, Sweetie?"

Standing in the center of the room was Celes, a Gothitelle that had become quite attached to Louis ever since the Empire found him. She stood taller than most of her kind, and had a sweet high-pitched voice that made most male pokemon bend to her whim. Louis just glared at her, immune to her feminine charm. "It disturbs me that you think of this ongoing slaughter as normal, Celes," Louis retorted, his gaze never faltering, "don't you treat anything like it has magnitude?"

"Of course I do, Sweetie," Celes chuckled, sauntering right into Louis' arms, "but you keep on pushing me away."

Louis shoved her off, then turned away. "You're just like that spoiled little brat Haley," he muttered, "obnoxious, inconsiderate, and above all selfish!"

"Oh, poo," Celes grumbled, "this is about your sister again, isn't it?"

Louis growled. Back when he was a Zorua, Louis had belonged to a trainer whose name has has been lost in time. The trainer was highly competitive, and raised his pokemon to become the most powerful they could. Most of the trainer's other pokemon rejected Louis, all except for one:

His half-sister, whose name he had forgotten.

Both being children of the trainer's Smeargle, Louis and his younger sibling spent lots of time together. He had fond memories of running through the tall grasses of Route 3 with her at his side. Life was good back then, but was cut short by the cruelty of the humans.

Cut short by Haley.

One Summer morning, the trainer's bratty little cousin, Haley, came to town with her parents for her birthday. She went up to Louis' trainer and demanded him to give her one of his pokemon, throwing a huge tantrum until he gave in. Haley ended up giving her Louis, a pokemon he said didn't live up to his expectations. Louis still remembers that moment, when his trainer disowned him and a little girl stole him away from his family. He never forgot his sister's tear-swollen eyes as he was carried off, unable to do anything but cry out.

But that was not the worst of his suffering.

Unlike her cousin, Haley did no know nor care about the needs of her pokemon. She spent her time yelling at Louis to use moves like thundershock and ice beam and kicking him around when he failed.

Louis touched the scar on his neck, a grim reminder of Haley's abuse.

Finally, when he could take no more, Louis fled into the wild, where he evolved and eventually joined Oblivion. He carried out numerous raids and assassinations, all motivated by one thing: revenge. One night, he got his wish, and brutally attacked Haley in her own home, leaving her to die a slow and painful death. When he heard about the Unova Alliance, he was shocked. Why would any pokemon work to bring back those terrible humans, he wondered. Do they like being enslaved and forced to fight for their trainer's entertainment? Although he was an assassin,Louis didn't like hurting other pokemon. There was only one reason he even involved himself with the horrible UA:

They had his sister.

Louis turned back towards Celes, fire blazing in his eyes. "Say what you want about her, but she's the only one who I hold close, the only person I have left. I will find her, no matter what I have to do.

Celes frowned at Louis, then turned around and disappeared without a sound.

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