Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chapter Five: The Taste of Home

Luca looked over at Jerry, who was sprawled on the ground, muttering something about how asphault tastes. Luca was about to go over and help him get up, but was interrupted by a quiet noise. A noise that sounded like...crying.

Curious, Luca followed the noise to the biggest house in Virbank City, the one where someone called the gym leader used to live. Luca had no idea what made this gym leader person so special. They trained pokemon to fight with other trainers, only to be beaten by anyone that passes through the town. Being a gym leader must be pretty depressing, Luca thought. He was snapped back to his senses by the sound of more sobbing coming from inside.

He stepped into the house and saw a familiar shape sitting in the back room. It was Penelope, crying over the hat she always carried with her. "Hello, Luca," she said, turning toward him.

"Hey, you were great back there," Luca replied, "Andromeda's jut a bit sour sometimes."

Penelope continued to stare at Luca. "Thanks, It's just..." She turned her gaze back to her hat, "Sometimes I wish Ben was still around. I remember how he would wrap his arms around me and tell me much I meant to him."

Before the humans were eradicated, Penelope travelled from region to region with a boy named Ben. Ben was a great trainer, the kind who always cheered his pokemon on in a fight and was willing to put himself in harm's way to help them. He had found Penelope as an Azurill in Sinnoh, and from then on they were as close as a trainer and their pokemon could be. As such, it was a very sad day when Ben was taken away by Oblivion. The memories of that day still lingered in her mind.

Luca looked down at the ground, unsure of what to say. He had heard that he was bred in captivity, but his trainer had died before he'd hatched.

Penelope got up and turned toward him. "It's okay, Luca. You don't need to say anything. I may not have him anymore, but I still have you, and Audrey, and my books." She gestured towards the large bookshelf against the wall.

"Now come on, help me find a good one."

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