Monday, January 7, 2013

Chapter Six: Legend of Crater Forest

Audrey walked into the large house after her brief trip to the infirmirary. She sustained little injury from the incident with Andromeda, and was told that she could continue her normal routine. She knew that Penelope would be in there, and so she decided to bring her some food.

"Hiya, Pen," Audrey said as she stepped in, "I thought you'd be hungry, so I got you something from the mess hall." No sooner had she said that than Jerry ran up to her, licking his nonexistent lips.

"Food? For me?" Jerry exclaimed, before gobbling it up, "You really shouldn't have."

Audrey looked at him coldly. "If you're looking for Pen," Jerry continued, putting emphasis on Penelope's new nickname, "she's in the corner reading to Luca. Come on, join our little posse."

Penelope was one of the few pokemon that had learned to read human script. Ben sometimes treated her like a little sister, and taught her many skills pokemon wouldn't normally learn. When Jerry and Audrey walked in, they saw her curled up in the corner with Luca, a book in her lap. "Now," Penelope continued, "this next story is called 'The Legend of Crater Forest.' It's about a legendary pokemon." Everybody gathered around, waiting for her to start.

Louis walked over to where Celes was standing moments before. She had left a book on the floor, which had a picture of a malformed-looking pokemon on it. Curious, he picked it up and read the title, which, like all books written by pokemon, was written in the language of the Unown. "The Legend of Crater Forest," Louis read out loud, "How peculiar." He opened the book and started to read it.

"Once, in the upper regions of Unova, there lived a small villiage. This humble villiage wa located in a place called Crater Forest, which was filled with plentiful food all year round. Life in the villiage was perfect, save for one thing: the beast. The beast, as it was called, was a colossal dragon whose roar could be heard for miles. The beast did not like the people of the villiage, and would stomp through the villiage and gobble the people up in one gulp. The people lived in constant fear of the beast, and left sacrifices of children for it once a year on the first day of Winter. Then one year, a girl named Aurora was chosen to be devoured by the beast. But Aurora was clever, and took her father's spear with her when she went to the beast's cave. There, she slew the beast with her spear, and brought one of its scales back to the villiage to show the people what she had done. It is said that the spear that had killed the beast rested in the cave for many long years, and gradually absorbed its power. What was once a simple spear became a vessel for the beast's life force, where it has remained imprisoned for centuries."

Penelope looked up, and saw her three listeners trembling with fear. "We're f-f-fine," Jerry managed to spit out, "Keep r-r-reading."

Louis looked at the book for a mement longer, then dropped it on the ground, "Stupid humans," he thought, "making up these wild tales just to justify their cruelty. I'll bet this beast was actually harmless."

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