Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chapter Seven: Into the Firefight.

"And can you guess what happened next?" Penelope read aloud, reveling in the suspense of her audience, "turns out the basket full of apples had been switched! Patrat then realized he was carrying a basket filled with herbs, which another trainer had lost on a shopping trip of his own!"

Penelope's story time had become a part of many recruits' daily routine. Every night, Luca, Jerry, Audrey, and even Roy would sit down in the big house and listen to the stories she read. "Ohhhh, snap," Jerry interjected, "That Patrat is gonna get it now!" He was quickly silenced by the annoyed glares of the fellow listeners, but Penelope was used to it.

"Yes, when Jimmy saw what Patrat he done, he was furious!" Penelope continued, "He picked up the little Patrat and..."


Everyone leapt to their feet. Roy clutched his football defensively near his chest. There was a loud crash, and General Mulligan stood in the ruined doorway.

General Mulligan was an Exploud, but he was not a general. He was always one who had to get his way, but nobody dared question his authority due to his size and, of course, his huge voice.

"GET OFF YOUR BUMS, POINDEXTERS!" Mulligan shouted, "WE GOT A CODE RED ON OUR HANDS!" The recruits stood there terrified for a moment. Code Red was the title given to the one event even Andromeda was afraid of:

Oblivion had found them.

Pokemon from all over the base were being rushed to the harbor, sent to fend off the bandolier-wearing attackers. There were hundreds of Oblivion soldiers, and more were pouring in by the minute. The Unova Alliance was losing ground rapidly as their soldiers fell before Oblivion's immense assault.

Luca and the others charged onto the battlefield, fire in their eyes. This is what they were trained to do: drive back the oppresive force that is the empire. Luca launched himself at the nearest foe, massive amounts of energy radiating from his tail. With pinpoint accuracy, he spun in the air and caved in the rival's skull with a brutal Iron Tail attack. The opponent fell to the ground, not moving. Luca stared at the body for a moment, then prepared to charge his next foe. But there was a little problem:

Luca's tail was too heavy.

Unfortunately, Luca was not a very refined fighter, so he sometimes had trouble getting his tail back to normal quickly. Unable to strike back, he scootched away as quickly as he could.

The other's weren't faring much better. Penelope was doing her best to keep her distance, but her water jets were mostly ineffective. Audrey dashed around the battlefield, zapping anyone she could get close to, but she knew that she could not outmanuver them for much longer. Roy fought as best he could, but was shocked to see that his football was ineffective against the larger pokemon. Jerry, of course, hid in his shell, hoping that they would just ignore him.

Before long, all of the remaining survivors were backed up against a wall, helpless against the unrelenting onslaught. But just when they were about to give up...

A flash of light rocked the battlefield.

Luca opened his eyes to a dazzling sight. Standing atop a building, like a warrior goddess bringing hope to her failing comrades, was Andromeda. Her entire body was enveloped in blue flames, and within moments, she was on the field, laying waste to the enemy forces. In a single blow, a dozen Oblivion troopers were flung into the air, landing with a heavy thud deep in the ranks. The others took a step back, only to be met with Aura Spheres to the face.

"QUICKLY, SCRUBS!" Mulligan shouted, running toward a nearby fishing boat, "THIS IS OUR ONLY CHANCE TO ESCAPE!" not wanting to be left behind, Luca, Jerry, Audrey, and Roy made a mad dash to the boat, which had been left unguarded when Andromeda entered. They fled, able to hear the screams of the Oblivion soldiers from miles away.

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