Monday, November 26, 2012

Chapter Two: Among Ruin

Luca closed his eyes to shield himself from the massive explosion of dust, the one thought going through his mind being "what the Arceus was that?" There's no way that Audrey's fireworks could've done that. It was either an attack by Oblivion or the even more unpleasant option.

The recruits were unlucky enough to be faced with the latter...

Standing before them was the pokemon that every UA recruit knew and feared. A pokemon strong enough to take them all on and still come out on top. The one who had created the Unova Alliance. Andromeda the Lucario. "Just what do you think you're doing?" She snarled, her piercing blue eyes glaring down at the recruits, "get out of my way."

"Well what if we don't want to, Lady?" Lenny called back, before knocked across the pavement by an aura sphere in the chest. Andromeda gazed over the rest of the recruits with an icy glare, then dashed past them all, mumbling something about how they would never understand.

Andromeda bounded up to the top of the easternmost oil rig. This was her favorite place in the encampment, where she could sit and contemplate with the ocean as her only companion. Andromeda had a dark secret. One that would destroy her if anyone found out.

Andromeda was human.

She wasn't completely sure how she had become a Lucario, but once it had happened, everything changed. She could no longer communicate with other humans, and was powerless to protect them against Oblivion, even with her immense strength and speed. Before all this had happened, Andromeda had been like any other trainer. She travelled from region to region, catching and training her pokemon to one day fulfill her dream of becoming a pokemon contest master. Those sweet memories were still fresh in her mind, and any reminders of them were painful to her. Now, she was alone.

"You still want the old times, don't you."

Andromeda turned around and saw her only friend, Terry the Blaziken, standing over her. Terry was only a Torchic when the two had first met. He had been her first pokemon, and the two had many adventures together. Terry had lost his left arm fighting off an Oblivion attack, but still remained loyal to his former trainer. "It's definitely going to be hard to return to the human world after the war," he continued, "How will your old friends react to you when you come back to them as a pokemon?"

"I'll find a way to change back," she called back, but there wasn't much confidence in her voice. She had no idea how she became a Lucario. How could she become human again? And what about the recruits? What will they do when they realize thier leader was a human this whole time? There were dozens of questions that still remained unanswered, but Andromeda knew she had to figure them out. But how could she?

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