Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chapter One: Meet the recruits

Panicked, Luca dashed through the neverending network of tunnels, gasping for breath. Being an Eevee, he was small and fast, but tired out rather quickly. The only thing he could hear was his heart going into overdrive, the noise echoing off the walls of the corridor. Pathway after pathway, Luca bolted through the labyrinth, unsure of where he was going or which way was out. When he could take no more, Luca collapsed on the hard stone ground, hoping that whatever was chasing him would just gobble him up quickly.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

Standing over Luca was the vast red body of Barret the Magmortar, a General in the Oblivion Military. "Soooooo," Barret chuckled, a hideous smile creeping across his huge pink lips, "you thought you could escape me. Were you going to reveal my wherabouts the those brigands you call the Alliance?" Luca tried to get up, but his legs were too weak to hold him for more than a second. He felt the intense heat eminating Barret's arm cannon, which was aimed directly at his head. "now you die by my flames," Barret laughed, "just like your mommy and daddy did".

Luca awoke with a start.

The whole ordeal had been a dream. He was safe inside an Alliance Bunker, his friend Jerry the Turtwig looking at him with a confused expression. "Dude, what in the sweet name of Arceus was all that about?" Jerry yelled, "you were huffing and puffing and really screwing with my beauty sleep!"

"Oh, uh... Sorry about that." Luca stuttered, still somewhat shaken by the nightmare. "I guess you could say my dreams were a tad...creepy."

"Ah, a creepy dream," Jerry replied, "like the one I had the other night about the Mr. Mimes in the hallway. Now let's hoof it. Our morning grub awaits". Jerry had been friends with Luca ever since he found the little Eevee living behind a dumpster in Castelia City. The two traveled across the region together for a few weeks before joining the Unova Alliance. The two had lived on the Alliance's secret camp in Virbank City ever since.

On the way to the mess hall, the two saw that most of the other recruits were already up. Luca was still feeling a bit drowsy until a passing football nearly beaned.

"Hey, Slowpokes," a voice cried out, "pick up your feet and get out of the way. I'm honing my armed combat skills. Luca turned around and saw that the voice belonged to Roy, a stuck-up Marshtomp who was convinced his football was a deadly weapon. Not wanting to hear him rave about his mad skills for the next half-hour, Luca and Jerry high-tailed it for their breakfast of chunky poke-food. Jerry's stomach was grumbling like crazy, loud enough for him not to notice that Luca was standing still, his fluffy tail shaking like crazy. Jerry knew that gesture well, and only one thing could provoke it: Audrey.

Audrey was a Luxio that had been recruited only a few weeks before Luca had, and it was no secret that he liked her. She turned around and saw Luca watching her in the least subtle way possible. "Hi guys," she said in her usual upbeat tone, pretending not to notice Luca ogling her like a prize ribbon.

"H...Hi Ah...Audrey," Luca replied in the tone reserved for when he realized he was making a complete fool of himself, "how are you d...d...doing?"

"Me and Penelope are doing just fine, thank you," Audrey said, gesturing to her Azumarill friend right next to her, "wanna see this new trick we invented? I call it 'the hydraulic rocketeer'". Jerry screamed in protest, but was drowned out by Luca's overwhelming cries of encouragement.

Without further ado, Audrey bounded into the air, a radiant yellow light bristling off her fur. Penelope then fired off a massive jet of water, catching her partner midair. Audrey used the water spout for momentum, flipping off of it and discharging her electricity into a massive firework show.

Then a colossal explosion swept through the clearing...

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